Ariocarpus Retusus cv. Furfuraceus


Beautiful old plant

Ariocarpus is a genus of cacti native to south Texas and north and central Mexico. The aerial part is flattened with triangular tubercules overlapping with transverse wrinkles. The plant is totally without thorns and of gray-green color. It is easily hidden in its natural environment. The plant apex contains a woolly structure from which emerge big pink or yellow flowers. The stems contains a sticky mucilaginous sap that was used as a glue by the Indian tribes of Mexico. A. Retusus is one of the largest and fastest-growing species of this genus, it is also one of the easiest cacti to grow from the genus. A. Retusus was believed to have magical properties by the Huichol, to the Indians it was known as Tsuwiri (false peyote), and was believed to be evil. Those that were not pure, had committed incest, or had received inadequate training by the tribal shaman would be led to consume the plant instead of the true peyote Lophophora Williamsii.



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We will ship the plants bare rooted, if you want it shipped in its pot you’ll have to contact us before placing your order and we can ship it with pot but it may affect the shipping price. However, from experience we have learned that shipping plants bare rooted is the best way to make sure plants arrives intact.

Plant your cactus in a pot with holes in the bottom for good drainage. You should use a pot that is not too big because it can cause rot on the roots, although big enough to give the roots enough room. Use a soil mix of cactus soil, sandstone gravel and a dash of perlite. Give it water every two weeks in the summer. Make sure that it drys out properly in between waterings. However, you should not water the cactus at all in the winter. This can cause the cactus to rot or grow etiolated.

Place your cactus in a bright place. This plant works fine to grow on a windowsill, just make sure it gets enough light every day. Insufficient light will result in a narrow and elongated growth from the tip while too much direct light (especially noonday direct sun) may result in a burning of the new growth. 5 hours of direct sunlight and several hours of bright indirect light seems to work the best.

When costumers purchase more than one plant from us that looks similar we always mark the plants with their name. If you don’t want that please let us know.

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